Sozialistischer Realismus als Framing-Strategie

abstract: The framing approach models cognition as a process of conceptualization which arranges information and knowledge into schemata. The literary texts of soviet socialist realism are notorious for their steadily repeating an ideological scheme. Today's researchers reveal that soviet politics aimed for "programming" the official ideology into the minds of the population with the help of literature. This article explains in what way we can regard soviet socialist realism as a framing strategy and in what sense we can talk of "programming the soviet readers" in the light of framing. The results of this examination also give a base for further studies, which may proof empirically a possible framing effect of socialist realism.

Keywords: framing; frame semantics; socialist realism; scheme; programming

Der Artikel wird in PhiN. Philologie im Netz. 91/2021 erscheinen.